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Our Leaders.

Our team has a combined 60 years of experience in fields related to technology, business, and development. We created this company to make our dent on the world, and have fun while doing it! We believe we have a "wow" product that can change multiple industries. Our company culture is grounded on our deeply held belief to respect differences and harness the power of collaboration. We started patenting our technology in 2013, started operations in Silicon Valley in 2016, and our first products became commercially available in 2017.

Ye (Ian) Yuan

Ian has deep knowledge of engineering, software, and development, and leads the MirraViz team. Ian graduated from the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2006. 

CoFounder & CTO
Michael Wang

Michael dreamed of the MirraViz technology while getting a PhD from CalTech. After 20 years of experience in the high tech sector, Michael co-founded MirraViz and has made it a reality.

CoFounder & CBO
David Jiang

David led the post-2008 turnaround of AIG as CEO, and has held executive positions at BNY Mellon. David is a Harvard and Georgetown alum who loves technology and innovation.

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